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Andrew D. Morgan is a multi-disciplinary creative producer who employs narrative, interaction and animation to create projects for the financial, technological, Lifestyle, industrial, energy, pharmaceutical, and retail industries, as well as a variety of non-profit, educational, and governmental organisations.
His technical expertise help make customer-focused creative content across:
Animation Production
Branded  Events  
Live Music, Stadium Rock and Roll Shows
Brand identity
Environmental Design
P.R. content  
360 web and social campaigns 
18 years of enthusiasm for these individual components combines to provide experience, capability and wonder to everything he produces.

"We collaborate with an incredible group of creative specialists that really love doing what they do

Each one picked because of their unique talents and commitment to excellence

With this team on our side, we can create unique project teams fit for any specific challenge"

The team don't usually look as cool as the guys in this shot by photographer Annie SprattThese days we employ hybrid work patterns, which is working great.

"Whether we're modernising your brand identity, implementing a social strategy or telling a story, our creativity and expertise assist you in retaining and attracting people, as well as driving consumer loyalty"


Developing a successful brand Identity is essential for giving your company a confidence and a communicable truth.


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Andrew has worked extensively within the largest advertising and P.R. environments and the smaller, boutique agencies. Whilst also specialising at some of the more prominent animation studios in London.


He has directed engaging digital content for clients across several commercial, pharmaceutical and education sectors. He has art directed web platforms and Internet campaigns right through to producing social media films, that include, 2d and CGI motion graphics and live immersive event/show visualisations.

Recently Andrew thrives on the challenges of digital engagement, story-building and strategic content creation across all new channels to maximise value and

consumer response.

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Graphics &
Animation Production &
Branded  Events &  
Stadium Rock and Roll Shows &
Graphics &
Film &
Brand identity &
Environmental Design &
Illustration &
P.R. content &  
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